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Preserving a piece of history and freezing a moment in time.

We believe classic cars are a work of art, and each one tells a story. Restoring a classic car is a labor of love that requires time, intention, and the experience of a dedicated professional like Brandon Huhtala.

Brandon will start by assessing your vehicle and proposing a restoration plan that meets your needs and your budget, which may include rust repair, metal work, and custom paint. Although we don’t provide motor, transmission and upholstery work in house, we are happy to refer you to one of our trusted partners.

Restoration Services

Disassembly & Stripping

During this step we carefully remove and catalog all the parts, followed by stripping. Stripping is accomplished through media-blasting, which strips away old paint, rust and other imperfections. This step allows us to assess the true condition of the car and the extent of the work that is needed.

Body Repair & Alignment

This step looks different for every project based on the condition of the car. It includes rust repair or accident damage or replacing full panels if the damage is too severe. The shop will then work to smooth out any gaps between panels for a more even alignment.

Block Sanding

One of the most labor intensive phases, block sanding smooths minor surface waves and imperfections.  A perfectly smooth surface allows us to achieve a mirror finish.

Custom Painting & Finishing

After all the hard work and detail involved in prepping the car, the painting stage goes quickly.

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